Rosa La Rose

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    Eau de parfum - 50ml et 100ml


    Rosa La Rose. A delicate Eau de Parfum, the alchemy of a subtle blend, with head notes of pink berry and blackcurrant, heart notes of Moroccan rose and cardomone, chilli leaves, sandalwood and base notes of patchouli, musk, ambergris, leading us into a secret garden, both mysterious and sensual.


    Long, long ago, in the garden among the ruins of the San Francescu convent in Corsica, blossomed a rose rarer and more beautiful than any other. It had to be plucked in total secrecy, just when it opened in the morning dew. They say that a subtle and delicate fragrance was created from its unique perfume and powdery petals.


    We can just imagine it...!


    This legendary dream gave birth to Rosa La Rose, whose mysterious, Mediterranean alchemy of Oman Rose mingled with ambergris will reveal all your sensuality. Rosa La Rose, the sensual fragrant eau de parfum from the Corsican maquis.