Our Story



"Eau de Couvent" came about through no accident!


The brand came to life naturally when its creator, Candida Romero, a professional painter and an artist through and through, discovered the Convent of St Francis: an entrancing site she unearthed, took over and lovingly restored.


The story is set in Corsica's northernmost landscape, whose tormented beauty the enchanted Candida immediately sought to tame. The Convent of St Francis rises up in the Oletta Hills dotted around the village of Saint Florent. For fifteen years, she has been coming here regularly, and religiously, to find peace and inspiration.


How could she contain the marvellous effects of its meadows, green and leafy despite their arid surroundings, and its fruits, exuding their pervasive, invigorating scent as they ripened in the scorching sun? 
How could she revive its rich history and the mysteries reigning supreme over its ancient chapel? Well, it is now a reality, thanks to a seemingly minor discovery that Candida instantly saw as highly propitious!  While wandering through the high grass of the Corsican scrub –  a fair carpet to her beloved convent – she came across a crystal bottle, which emanated such a fresh, light, joyful fragrance that she felt she must immortalise it at all costs, especially since the legend ran that a nun gave it to a young officer as a love token. 
What more romantic beginning to reveal all the secrets of the Nebbio region in an eau de toilette?
Eau de Couvent says it all. Since 2010, this project has given rise to the seven products in the Eau de Couvent range. 


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